My mission

I am ready to design you the best web solution fully responsive and completely individual 

I do


My projects always start with a thorough research to analyse costumers needs and the overall industry, and this is where I use to create the groundwork of my digital products. After the research the working process is always much easier and that is one of many small and easy secrets to a successful end product.

Graphical design

The graphical design for me usually take place right after the research and is the very platform of the future work. That process starts by defining the genre, possibly creating a moodboard or a mockup to get the right content. The choice of colour and fonts are essential areas that make the solution stand out together with the right pictures.


I can code and brand your website the best possible way, which is also that part I consider most fun, and I manage WordPress, Jquery and JavaScript. During my study projects I have been making solutions for clients such as Campaign websites, E-shops, Co-Branding and so on. Of course all the time with focus on the costumers needs.

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