About me

Hi, my name is Tobias Alkaersig Nielsen.

I am 28-years old and newly graduated Multimedia Design and Communication from KEA Copenhagen.

The last and fourth semester I was in an internship at a property company called Housing Group, where I worked as a web/graphic designer. My tasks were for example to create 2 magazines for there "Property service" and for "Cleaning at officerooms". Further more i designed a new wordpress homepage for one of their associations.

Overall I am really passionated by designing new digital stuff and getting new ideas. I always stribe after how elements can be designed and presented in a better and more creative way. I often find some websites, magazines and stuff like that, where I am wondering about the design and layout.

In my sparetime I like to exercise in the gym and run. I live in Soeborg at a house share. I also enjoy to play Golf, which I have done for more than 10 years.