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Increase Your Profits with Design-Centricity

Why do design-driven companies consistently grow twice as much as the industry average? It’s because excellent User Experience (UX) is a critical ingredient of marketplace success.

With Company Memberships at the Interaction Design Foundation, you can empower every department in your organization by honing their design skills and making user-centricity a part of your company’s DNA.

10-Year Stock Price Growth

Company Memberships come with tailored training paths, designed to suit the unique structure and needs of your company. Your customized training agenda will unite every function—front-end developers, product managers, marketers & more—under a centralized, design-centric mission to create better products for your users.

Discover how our Company Membership can redefine your company’s UX design training:

Priority Support

From training agenda advice to simplifying admin tasks, you will have priority support at hand to oversee your needs.

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Reduced Work Interruptions

Our courses are 100% online and self-paced—making them flexible enough to fit into any schedule. Your team will never need to leave the office, or pause a project, to attend their training.

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Ivy League Content. Silicon Valley Expertise.

The world’s best universities use our course material. With training administered by experienced practitioners and academics, your team will be trained by the best in the business.

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User-Centricity for All

We believe that successful products come from a design-centric culture. That’s why you’ll get tailored training paths for all job roles, aligned to your company’s business goals.

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Time for What’s Important

A comprehensive dashboard integrating billing, enrollment, progress tracking, and reports will remove any administrative drudgery and leave you to focus on training.

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Resources Ready for Your Team

Utilize a comprehensive library of downloadable templates that your team can directly incorporate into their work. Bootstrapping your design process has never been so easy.

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Expert Help With a Global Perspective

With a Company Membership, our global design community is available to help with your design problems—be it over online discussion forums or in-person at local meet-ups.

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Savings at Scale

Effective corporate training must be scalable & flexible. Our Company Membership gives team members unlimited access to courses. By avoiding paying per course, per employee, you’ll save thousands of dollars.

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You’re in Great Company

Industry leaders across the world trust our expert training to help them build more successful products:

Our clients: IBM, HP, Adobe, GE, Accenture, Allianz, Phillips, Deezer, Capgemin, Mcafee, SAP, Telenor, Cigna, British Parliment, State of New York

Have an Enterprise-Level Requirement?

We support company-wide UX training needs for large, multinational corporations like IBM, Cigna, Accenture & more. Tell us about your enterprise’s requirement & we’ll be in touch.

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Membership Support at All Times

Company Memberships get priority support — that’s a real person you can reach out to for any of your needs. Get help with:

Understanding tailored training paths for every job role & department

Tracking & reporting your team members’ progress and completion rates

Inviting and enrolling new team members through specially created pages

Assisting with billing queries and requests

Training That Fits Any Schedule

Training should not conflict with your team members’ schedules, or take them out of the office. That’s why, our training is 100% online and self-paced.

Training that fits every team member’s schedule, not the other way around.

Online programs available on any device; all that’s needed is an internet connection.

Once enrolled, your team members gain access to a new training module each week, which they are free to complete without any deadlines. You can choose to set aside ‘training hours’ for your team, or give them the liberty to manage their own schedules–whatever you choose, your organization will never have to sacrifice work days for UX design training.

Ivy-League Content Meets Silicon Valley Expertise

When your teams are enrolled in training with us, they’ll learn from established academics & professionals—easily the best instructors you could possibly find. Our expert faculty includes:

Frank Spillers, CEO of Experience Dynamics, with decades of experience in UX consultancy at major global brands.

William Hudson, CEO of Syntagm Ltd, with a lifetime of experience in UX consulting and teaching at major global brands.

Alan Dix, co-author of the globally best-selling university-level textbook on Human-Computer Interaction.

Besides training your teams in the fundamentals of UX design, they’ll also dive deep into design thinking, psychology and emotional design. This variety of programs ensures that your Company Membership can bring value not just to UX design specialists, but product managers, front-end developers and marketers too. When everyone in your team learns the principles of great design, your organization benefits from it.

Our Course Creation Process

Each of our courses goes through a meticulous, six-stage creation process. This is how we ensure each course is highly relevant, insightful, and engaging — so that everyone in your team will learn something directly applicable to their daily work.

Universities That Use Our Educational Material

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Cambridge
Imperial College London
Stanford University
Indiana University

Tailored Learning Paths

Most people in your company work in different roles, and most people—including marketers and project managers—can benefit from learning about design and human psychology. It follows, therefore, that every team member should have their own tailored training path, designed to fit the demands of their individual role.

When your visual designer, UX researcher, front-end developer, marketer & project manager have their individual training plans, you can be assured that there is optimal learning going on in every department of your company.

Training Management, Simplified

Training at the workplace shouldn’t be bogged down by administrative work. That’s why we’ve made training management simple and straightforward.

Our unique dashboard centralizes billing, reporting, and enrollment. Say goodbye to collating multiple invoices, tracking individual progress and exhausting paperwork—everything you need to know about your team’s training is just one click away.

Exclusive, Ready-to-Use Resources

Solving a business problem is not about reinventing the wheel, but rather finding the optimal solution that satisfies your needs. That’s why we provide a large compendium of downloadable templates, which your team is free to use—even for commercial purposes.

Bootstrap your design workflows with our best-in-class templates, covering topics from customer journey maps to ideation strategies—all crafted in line with industry best-practices. When you stand on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther and more clearly, enabling you to deliver industry-beating solutions—and a Company Membership can make this all possible.

Connect Online and Face-to-Face with Our Global Community of Designers

community collage

When you and your team are faced with a challenging problem, sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes. At the Interaction Design Foundation, you can find thousands of helpful designers in our global community.

Discuss your problems in our forums to get valuable input from other designers around the world.

Head to a UX meet-up to have an in-depth conversation with designers nearby.

With UX meet-ups in every city, you and your team can connect with UX professionals near you and gain fresh perspectives on your obstacles. Many heads are better than one when it comes to finding the best solution — you may even decide that your office is a perfect place to hold the next UX meet-up!

Upcoming UX Meet-Ups

  • Coffee+UX Meetup
    Jul 08, 2023 11:00am–3:00pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Accra 5+ people going
View more UX meet-ups

Save More. Train More.

When your organization has to pay for every course each employee takes, the costs of training can skyrocket. That’s why, unlike other training providers, we offer a flat membership fee, regardless of how many courses your team members are taking.

Cost per course Courses taken 5 10 15 20 25 30 $31/course $16 $10 $8 $6 $5/course

This translates to increased cost savings as your team learns more (think of it as our way of rewarding learning). Our flat pricing model comes from our core belief as a foundation—that effective training is a long-term process, not something you achieve with a one-week crash course.

You don’t want your team to improve; you want them to constantly improve, again and again. That’s what growth is all about.

Ready to Become a Truly Design-Centric Company?

Learn UX Design from experts in self-paced online courses.

Get tailored learning agendas for every role in your team.

Get help from our global community with UX meet-ups in 491 cities.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of payment options do you provide?

You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, or — upon request, Wire Transfer. Google Pay and Apple Pay are also available in certain locations. 

And self-evidently:

  • Once you have paid the annual membership, there are no hidden charges/fees, no up-selling, cross-selling, or the like.
  • You do not have a limited cancellation period and can thus walk away at any point.
If your company is interested in a large account, we offer the option to email you an invoice (e.g., referencing a Purchase Order ID), which your finance teams can pay using a regular bank/wire transfer. If you need one, mail us at hello@interaction-design.org.
Can the members of our account take more than one course at a time?
Yes, employees enrolled in Company Memberships can take as many courses as they want during their membership period. There are no further charges. The members of your account will also have access to our local meetings in over 200 cities worldwide, eBook versions of books, among many other benefits. 
Can we modify our Company Membership Plan later?

No problem at all. Even after setting up your Company Membership, you can assign a new account administrator(s), and add new members whenever you want — If you send an email to hello@interaction-design.org we will walk you through it all.

Can a Company Membership Administrator check employee compliance—i.e., can he/she see how active other company members are?

For Company Memberships, the unique dashboard provides the assigned administrators with an overview of the progress of all enrolled employees, including:

  • total number of seats used

  • total accumulated learning hours

  • total course enrollments and completions

  • total of how many members have enrolled in local groups

Progress bar of the used seats
Progress charts of company members

Additionally, the built-in leaderboard shows the rankings within your team or enterprise on:

  • total learning hours

  • total course points

  • total course completions

For a more in-depth view of a member’s progress, a detailed dashboard allows administrators to see per-member learning hours on a weekly basis and in total. The advanced dashboard also details course enrollments and completions.

Company member dashboard overview

The account administrators can additionally check the compliance of members and their activity level through course certificates and distinctions.

For each course that a member of your account completes, we list the relevant course certificates on their public profile page. Courses they are in the process of completing are displayed under a section titled "Courses this member is taking".

Furthermore, If a member of your account has achieved a particularly good result on a course, the course certificate will include a distinction—e.g. "Top 10% course taker." Distinctions are also awarded for being highly active – eg. “Top discussion contributor” is awarded to those who use forums to seek advice and stimulate conversations.

Account Administrators cannot read the individual course answers submitted by an employee, or see their day-to-day progress in a given course, but the result of their activities, i.e. course certificates and distinctions, is always visible on the dashboards.


The features above make it possible for administrators of Company Memberships to see:

  • how many courses an employee is taking

  • how many hours an employee has spent learning

  • how many courses an employee has finished

  • which courses an employee is taking

  • if an employee has finished a course in the top of his/her class (i.e. a distinction on the course certificate)

  • if an employee has earned other distinctions, e.g., when being proactive in the discussions on the Interaction Design Foundation platform

How many members do we need to create a Company Membership?

To get the best benefit from a Company Membership, you should sign up at least 5 colleagues. However, the minimum number of people for a Company Membership is 2.

If multiple colleagues have existing individual memberships within our community, we can easily merge these accounts into a Company Membership – just reach out to us at hello@interaction-design.org to set this up for you.

How can we manage our company membership?

As soon as your Company Membership is set up, you can assign Account Administrators, who can use the comprehensive dashboard to:

  • Add more colleagues to the Membership
  • Promote any enrolled colleagues to Administrator level
  • Remove colleagues from the Membership if they leave your enterprise or switch roles within teams
  • Manage all billing activities — e.g., add or delete a payment method

Furthermore, you can send us an email at hello@interaction-design.org and we will help you with any aspect of your account.

Are your courses only offered online?
Yes, our course material is 100% online and self-paced. However, there are many ways in which the IxDF's UX design training can be applied on-ground too. For example, we offer group exercises inside each of our courses to learn from and with your peers. 

Besides, through our discussion forums, members can connect with a global community of design practitioners who will help you understand our content and tackle your own business problems. You will also be invited to join regular local meet-ups in more than 450 cities, and you can choose to host one too! 
How can my colleagues and I apply the training we receive from our Interaction Design Foundation Company Membership?

During training at the Interaction Design Foundation, we design courses that encourage you and your colleagues to complete exercises within the context of your current work, rather than relying on ‘textbook examples’. This way, our training material constantly pushes members to apply new-found knowledge to daily business challenges. 

Does my Company Membership come with any support?

Every Company Account is entitled to priority support where you can ask for help with any aspect of your account. You may contact support to get help in developing training plans for everyone in your membership, assist you with billing and membership inquiries and offer helpful suggestions to maximize the benefit from your membership.

Is there a way to keep everyone enrolled in my Company's Membership engaged in the coursework?

Sure, we will provide you with many resources to keep all enrolled members motivated and on track with their respective agendas. Your Account Administrator will also be able to see the progress made by every employee enrolled, so you'll never be left wondering how much your account is being used.

How can I decide which courses are right for my team/colleagues?
Depending on your organization's goals, we will be able to suggest a learning path that caters to your training objectives. We focus on learning paths that accommodate all your colleagues, even if your team has the most diverse cross-functional roles. 

Throughout your membership, you will also be advised if any new courses suit your objectives. 
Furthermore, every enrolled member has unlimited access to all Interaction Design Foundation courses, so you can rest assured that learning can be limitless. 
In a Company Membership, can users be rotated? For example, can different employees use 3 months each of one user’s yearly membership?
Unfortunately, no. 

User profiles and progress are not transferable within Company Memberships, meaning that when a single user is signed up within such a membership, they are enrolled for a year. You will also not be able to remove a member in order to “free up” a space for another colleague. In other words, one user’s yearly access to courses cannot be used by multiple people. 

With the incredible savings you obtain from the Interaction Design Foundation’s flat-fee pricing, it still remains highly cost-effective to add new users individually to your membership. Get in touch with us to find out how. 
What types of job roles are Interaction Design Foundation Company Memberships intended for?
The core belief behind our Company Memberships is that a great design philosophy should be practiced across the organization. From sales and marketing teams to product managers, to developers and engineers – we have drawn customized training paths for every job role. 

Even within your UX team, we have courses to help even your senior-most designers to stay up-to-date with advancements in the field. 
How much time do my colleagues and I have to set aside to finish a course?

As much time as you need. After you and your colleagues enroll in a course, a new chapter is released every week, but there are no deadlines or course end dates, so you can complete any course at your own pace. Your courses won’t get in the way of your busy schedule, and vice versa.