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Mobile UI Design

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How This Course Will Help Your Career

A strong UI design is essential for the success of a digital product in today's saturated market. Mobile devices' screen real estate is small, and people are on the move, so a good UI is even more crucial. You’ll learn to encourage task completion and to make your products intuitive and easy to use.

People delete 3 out of 10 apps within 30 days of downloading. You must deliver an exceptional user experience to engage people with your product. Learn mobile UI design to turn design ideas into interfaces your customers will love.

Mobile UI design skills are essential to any UX or UI designer's toolkit. Discover the foundations of mobile UI design and break into this ever-expanding market.

What You Will Learn

  • What affordances and signifiers are and why they are essential.

  • How to improve touch targets and tappability in mobile UIs.

  • How to use common UI patterns.

  • The fundamentals of visual design, and how it supports task completion.

  • Visual strategy and how Google implements it through Material Design.

  • How to avoid cognitive friction to make UIs easy to use.

  • How to evaluate your designs with a mobile UI checklist.

  • What the opportunities of Augmented reality (AR) in mobile UX are. 

  • How to use UI heuristics (rules of thumb) to evaluate your AR interfaces.

In the “Build Your Portfolio” project, you’ll find a series of practical exercises that will give you first-hand experience of the methods we cover. You will build on your project in each lesson so once you have completed the course you will have a thorough case study for your portfolio.

Mobile User Experience Design: UI Design is built on evidence-based research and practice. Your expert facilitator is Frank Spillers, CEO of ExperienceDynamics.com, author, speaker and internationally respected Senior Usability practitioner.

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Is This Course Right for You?

This course covers mobile UI design and is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge of UX design, such as intermediate learners and experienced practitioners.

These lessons aren't only for mobile interface designers. To deliver the best user experiences, people across different roles should understand the principles of user experience and how to design experiences for a mobile environment. 

In particular, this course will benefit:

  • UX and UI designers interested in learning about UI design to create optimal product designs.

  • Graphic designers looking to switch to UI design.

  • Marketing professionals who work closely with visual designers to communicate and collaborate better. 

  • Product managers keen on improving usability and efficiency of product designs.

  • Software engineers looking to boost their skill sets and gain a foundational understanding of UI design.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to make sure their products have the appropriate user interface for maximum success.

  • Newcomers to design who are considering making a switch to UX or UI design.

Learn and Work with a Global Team of Designers

You’ll join a global community and work together to improve your skills and career opportunities. Connect with helpful peers and make friends with like-minded individuals as you push deeper into the exciting and booming industry of design.

Lessons in This Course

  • Each week, one lesson becomes available.
  • There’s no time limit to finish a course. Lessons have no deadlines.
  • Estimated learning time: 13 hours 50 mins spread over 4 weeks .

Lesson 0: Welcome and Introduction

Available once you start the course. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 14 mins.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Mobile UI Design

Available once you start the course. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 51 mins.

Lesson 2: UI Patterns for Mobile

Available anytime after Jul 21, 2023. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours 25 mins.

Lesson 3: Visual Design for Mobile

Available anytime after Jul 28, 2023. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 14 mins.

Lesson 4: AR Experiences for Mobile

Available anytime after Aug 04, 2023. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 5 mins.

Lesson 5: Course Certificate, Final Networking, and Course Wrap-up

Available once you start the course.

How It Works

  1. Control your learning.

    Lessons are self-paced so you’ll never be late for class or miss a deadline. Learning and life, hand in hand.

  2. Earn Course Certificates.

    Your answers are graded by experts, not machines. Get an industry-recognized Course Certificate to show you’ve put in the work.

  3. Advance your career.

    Grow your professional knowledge by watching Master Classes, networking within our UX community, and more.

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Mobile UI Design
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Mobile UI Design
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