Name: Tobias Alkaersig nielsen

Birthday: 30-10-1989

Home: Maglegaards Allé 34

Education: Digital concept development, KEA june 2019  

Multimedia design, KEA january 2017


I have a burning desire to optimize your company through individual databased marketing.

At the last exam of MMD, my indivual part was about SEO, which was my start into digital marketing. That point I started to get interesting in digital marketing overall, Through Digital concept development that interest has just increased.

In december 2017, I took a 3 week course called Digital Coordinator at Succes Online. There I among others got a certification in Google Analytics. 

See the Google Analytics certificate here

Here can you see my webdesign portfolio: 


I am very interested in sports and I box and run several times a week. In the summer time I am playing golf, which I have done for many years.

I also like to hang out with friends, which is why I live in a houseshare. Before I lived 6 years at Nybrogaard dorm in Lyngby for the same reason.

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